Who Has the Mamba Mentality now?

As mentioned in my first post, the mamba mentality is when a work ethic unlike no other builds up inside you to achieve the inevitable. This mentality does not have to only be for basketball but can be implemented in any aspect of life that requires hard work. 

For this specific post, I would like to highlight certain players in the NBA who I feel have this spirit. Three players that come to mind are Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, and Jayson Tatum. What makes these three special among others is that they sought guidance from Kobe that helped their game go to the next level.

Kyrie Irving hitting the game winning shot against Golden State
Embed from Getty Images

Each player has different skill sets that all relate back to Kobe in some way. Kyrie Irving challenged Kobe at a young age in his career which caused him to be humbled by Kobe and want to workout with him. Kawhi Leonard went to workout at the Mamba Academy of Sports with Kobe last summer and is dominating the league at his will. Lastly, Jayson Tatum’s footwork has improved so much just by listening to Kobe, with his game has evolving as well. All three players continue to carry the mamba mentality throughout the NBA today in honor and remembrance of Kobe Bryant.

Kawhi Leonard taking Kyrie Irving one on one.
Embed from Getty Images
Footage of Kyrie and Kawhi working out with Kobe

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I am a Senior at Cal Poly Pomona who loves to talk about the beautiful game of Basketball! Specifically the NBA

6 thoughts on “Who Has the Mamba Mentality now?

  1. Malik Black that is a very good and strong positive article about work ethics yes a lot of pro athletes do work hard to achieve the next level in their sports.

    This is well written and well said, I am so proud of you Malik.

    God bless you.

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  2. Not many people realize the mamba mentality transcends athletics and can apply to every aspect of life, great point!


  3. That’s what’s great about the Mamba mentality that Kobe really gifted us through all his hard work and sacrifices. He showed us that anything is achievable. I believe his spirit is present with the whole NBA and those that really trained with him were able to really see what it was about and carry it on in their own ways. I feel like a 4th player that shows that mentality is Giannis. I remember in a tweet when Kobe challenged him to win MVP and he did that very upcoming season.


    1. Agreed 100%!! There were so many players I could have mentioned but for the sake of the post I just said the three kobe affected the whole entire league one way or another 🙏🏾


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