NBA 2K Tournament

Since the closing of the NBA due to the Coronavirus, the league and the NBPA has decided to partner up with 2K sports and have a tournament where players compete against each other. The tournament consisted of 16 current NBA players and would be streamed for fans to watch. The winner of the event will be the ultimate NBA 2K20 champion and have the opportunity to select a charity to receive a $100,000 donation to help with Coronavirus relief efforts. 

Gamers enjoying a 2K tournament.
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The tournament began on April 3 with top seeds Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks on opposite sides of the bracket. The seeding for players would be based on their actual ranking in the video game itself. The players were allowed to choose eight teams and use one of them each round they won. The first two rounds of the tournament were single-game elimination rounds; while the semifinals and finals were the best of three.

After the preliminary rounds, the finals consisted of Devin Booker sweeping his teammate DeAndre Ayton who were both lower seeds. I think it was very important for the league to have this event because the NBA community really needed it. Not only for the entertainment factor but for the community to still have hope during this pandemic. 

Devin Booker, winner of 2K tournament and also a three-point champion.
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Highlights of the championship game.

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