Clippers vs. Lakers:Best In West

In Los Angeles, there are two basketball teams who dominate the NBA; the Clippers and Lakers. Now if we look at the history of the teams the Lakers have always had the advantage with a total of 16 NBA titles. Nevertheless, Clipper fans are confident that regardless of history their future looks bright with theContinue reading “Clippers vs. Lakers:Best In West”

Coronavirus Suspends NBA

The NBA has just announced it will suspend the remaining of the season after reporting Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz tested positive for the coronavirus. This has brought a shock to the NBA community and the entire world. At first, the league was going to suspend fans from watching the games in the arena,Continue reading “Coronavirus Suspends NBA”

Who Has the Mamba Mentality now?

As mentioned in my first post, the mamba mentality is when a work ethic unlike no other builds up inside you to achieve the inevitable. This mentality does not have to only be for basketball but can be implemented in any aspect of life that requires hard work.  For this specific post, I would likeContinue reading “Who Has the Mamba Mentality now?”

A Windy Break

Most professional sports leagues have their special weekend or day to highlight the superstar athletes. Outside of the NBA finals, the all-star weekend is the most anticipated event for the coaches, players, and fans. I have cherished this weekend ever since I was younger and first fell in love with basketball. Not only is thisContinue reading “A Windy Break”

Where That Money Go!?

For the 2020 NBA season, the average player salary is $7.7 million. Now someone like me who has never even seen $100,000 in-person can’t even imagine how much money that is. Sports Illustrated in 2009 made an article stating that 60% of players go broke after five years of retirement. My question for thought isContinue reading “Where That Money Go!?”

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