Clippers vs. Lakers:Best In West

In Los Angeles, there are two basketball teams who dominate the NBA; the Clippers and Lakers. Now if we look at the history of the teams the Lakers have always had the advantage with a total of 16 NBA titles. Nevertheless, Clipper fans are confident that regardless of history their future looks bright with the current team.

Superstar Lebron James backing down a defender.
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Both teams came into the 2019-2020 season adding some valuable players to their rosters through free agency and trades. The Lakers were able to trade for superstar Anthony Davis from the Pelicans to play alongside Lebron James. While the Clippers were able to add 2019 finals MVP winner Kawhi Leonard through free agency and trade for Paul George. The 2019 summer was exhilarating because Laker fans assumed Leonard was going to play for them when instead went to the team across town. After this took place, the controversy of the teams spiked to an all-time high.

During this season, the Clippers have a 2-1 lead against the Lakers and were scheduled to play a total of four games with the exception of the game that was canceled because of Kobe’s passing. The Lakers with a 49-14 record are still the best in the West with the Clippers right behind them with 44-20. With records this close and teams so comparable it is truly hard to determine which one is better. Each team has everything needed to win an NBA championship that includes a great roster,  coaching staff, and fan base. Ever since the teams started playing well, Los Angeles has been electric and tickets to the games have become unrealistic ranging from about $100-$2,500 dollars. The teams have truly capitalized on playing in Los Angeles.

With the most recent news, the NBA has decided to cancel the remainder of the season due to a couple of outbreaks of the Coronavirus. It is still unknown when the league will resume play but if not it would be unfortunate because there were only 20 games remaining until the playoffs. If the NBA decides to continue play, the teams are scheduled to play in April before the postseason begins. My prediction is that the Clippers and Lakers will have to play against each other in the Western Conference finals. The debate will be close when it’s all said and done but until then, let’s hope that we can see basketball again.

Kawhi Leonard playing solid defense with his large hands.
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Fans around Los Angeles share their thoughts on the topic.

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6 thoughts on “Clippers vs. Lakers:Best In West

  1. Sadly this amazing matchup may never see each other in a 7 game series due to the Coronavirus pandemic and arguably could have a made a more entertaining series then the Finals. Great article!

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