Basketball Hall of Fame 2020

Kobe Bryant meeting Kevin Garnett the rim.
Embed from Getty Images

On April 4, the Naismith Hall of Fame (HOF) revealed the list for this year’s class. With a total of nine members being celebrated, three of them stand out to me amongst the rest which are Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett. Each of these players brought something unique to the game of basketball that will probably never be repeated again. 

These players came into the NBA around the same time, experiencing three eras of basketball. Each player achieved success in different parts of their career but showed how they would stand out in NBA history. Bryant and Duncan have the same set of championships (5), while Garnett has one even though in his defense, I believe he was only on one championship-contending team throughout his whole career. Disregarding championships, if I named every single accolade each of these individuals accomplished throughout their career, I would have to write a book because of how vast it is.

Even though it has been about three months since the unfortunate passing of Kobe Bryant, I believe if he was still alive he would have been inducted into the hall of fame regardless. Based on their performances throughout their career, they all deserved to make first-ballot HOF. The ceremony will take place in August and I believe it will be one for the books.

A picture day from 1998 of Tim Duncan.
Embed from Getty Images
A video highlighting all three players of their accomplishment.

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